Summer break, plans for the future and “Heresy platformer”

The Covid-19 lockdown was a very special experience for everyone involved, especially for parents with school aged children. Juggling work, parenting and part time work of a teacher was quite challenging.

During this time I took a break from Unity to focus on my programming skills. I took some courses on coding that focused on issues from basic to advanced. I wanted to revise what my knowledge to be in good shape when the children, hopefully, go back to school. The time has finally come and I keep my fingers crossed.

I can now announce the start of my new project, which I codenamed “Heresy platformer”. This is a 2D sidescroller RPG that will focus on resource management. As my first project that I intend to finalize and publish, its scope will not be very large. The main features will include:

  • Slow paced real-time tactical combat based on resources.
  • Interactive environment components, physics (like in my first 2D test game).
  • Pixel art graphics.

I have just finished the initial version of player controller and will soon be fleshing out other areas of the prototype. I will be doing most of my pixel artwork myself (at least I hope I will manage that), however character sprites will be made by a third party (animating the character and the enemies would take too long). Any artwork that I make myself will also be available at my downloads page for readers of the blog.

In the coming days I will showcase the early images of Heresy platformer and describe the design thoughts behind this production. Till then, stay safe.

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