Heresy platformer gameplay reveal

Regular work may be a rare commodity for many people during these strange times. This is why I consider myself particularly lucky having double the business currently. This has a negative impact on my game design activity though. I was however able to squeeze in some hours here and there for the past 2 months. This way Heresy platformer announced in September project moved at a very slow, albeit steady pace. However today I am ready to post a short Heresy platformer gameplay reveal.

In this time I was able to create:

  • a physical character controller that takes uniform input from both the player and the AI.
  • an AI “slot” on the character that may take different types of enemy behaviours. The video I shared actually displays two different kinds of AI – standard and aggressive.
  • a functional movement and combat system, as well as weapon and armors systems. The players and aggressive AIs may use thrown weapons.
  • sound systems for actors and objects as well as basic destructible system for objects.
  • basic “grassy” tileset I made in Pyxel Edit.
  • the characters and the backgrounds are made by a third party, but I am considering making all non-character art by myself (if time allows).

The Heresy platformer gameplay reveal is available on my YouTube channel, link below:

In the coming weeks I hope that I will be able to provide some more details on the systems that I am preparing for Heresy platformer. I am very excited to share my game design decidions as well as the code for some of the systems.



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