This website is my blog which contains “opinionated content”. This means that in my articles I am expressing my own subjective views. These views do not reflect the views of other people or organizations, even the ones I might be affiliated with.

While I put as much effort into research as possible, I can not guarantee that: the information contained on my blog is totally accurate, my code error free and efficient or my art is up to everyone’s standards. This is my personal learning and development blog so constructive feedback is always welcome and I will try to implement and introduce all required corrections.

Please treat all information found on this blog as entertainment and learning material and not as professional advice. I reserve the right to change the way I run this blog at any time.


Assets in the Downloads section

These assets are provided for the readers of the blog for free, for non-exclusive use. This means the readers may use these assets in both commercial and non-commercial applications, for learning purposes, to create derivative works, but do not have exclusive rights to these assets. The owner of this blog remains the owner of these assets.
If you use these assets in publications (e.g. websites, tutorials, videos, free games) or finished products (e.g. games sold to other people) please provide attribution (provide address to this blog). If you use the assets for personal learning purposes or for prototyping, please use them however you see fit, however attribution is welcome if you share the work with others.

Author’s game designs and assets outside of the Dowloads section

Intellectual property created by the Author, available outside of the Downloads section (i.e. game designs, game lore, fiction, game art, game systems) is the property of the Author and may not be used without the Author’s written permission.

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