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Import 2D tiles into Unity

Development of 2D games is one of the first things people attempt when they launch Unity. However, it is not enough to properly import 2D tiles into Unity. We also need to perform a specific set of actions to configure the image. By default Unity does not know how to treat the imported file. You can download the following asset pack. It contains a walls_final.png image which I have used in this tutorial. What are 2D tiles? Tiles are sprites used to build 2D environments and backgrounds in games. It is customary to build tileable sprites that may be reused multiple...


Simple tileset in Pyxel Edit

This tutorial shows the basic procedure for creating a simple tileset in Pyxel Edit. These will be nine tiles at 16×16 pixels. Such tilesets can be easily imported into e.g. Unity to create basic level layouts. 1. Create a new file by choosing File > New. Then select the Tiled document or animation tab. Choose 3 for number of pixels high and wide. Choose 16 pixels as each tile’s height and width. Before starting the drawing process mark all tiles using 0 tile from the Tiles area. 2. For simplicity, we will use the default color palette. Fill the canvas...


Tile tools in Pyxel Edit

Pyxel Edit is my favourite tool for creating 2D tiles, and is often quoted as the best solution for the job. In this tutorial I will briefly present the tile tools in Pyxel Edit and explain basic issues a new user might have. Basics of tile tools in Pyxel Edit 1. First create a new project by using File > New. A new dialog will appear. It allows for the creation of a single image, just like in a regular painting application. Additionally, it provides an option for creating a multiple tile image. This multiple tile image is ideal for...


My choice of pixel art software

In 2019 the offer for pixel art applications is very broad and diverse. We have many packages available. The entry point is as low as Windows Paint or as high as Adobe Photoshop, with all the custom made applications in between. The choice depends on the budget and specific needs of the user. Most applications which allow for drawing bitmaps are sufficient for creating pixel art. However some of them are more of a hassle to setup conveniently than others. There are many excellent articles and lists comparing pixel art applications. I will provide some links in the References section....


Making my first game – Part 1: Conceptualizing

After a year of diligent self-learning I felt more confident around Unity and became relaxed when writing my own code. I always tried to perform coding challenges in tutorials. Very often I managed to write working code which matched the specifications set by the tutors. At the same time the code was quite different from what the tutors wrote themselves. Not to say it was better, but it was fun to compare my solutions to those of more experienced coders. Conceptualizing my game I have just finished a tutorial for a simple 2D tower defense game (parts of which I have...

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