This site is my online drawing board and a notebook. I am using it as a stash of my game development resources, my artwork, my designs and ideas. It is also a way to keep me motivated and excited about the work I do with regards to game development. I will post my learning experiences, the ways in which I learn and motivate myself and I intend to create a repository of tips and tricks I have gathered along the way. I also plan to share my designs of systems and lore for games I am working on.

Resources created and shared by me in the Downloads section are free to use by this community in their own projects, provided that the author (that is me) is mentioned within the credits of published applications. Ideas and opinions expressed within these pages are my own. Systems and lore of games designed by me are proprietary and may not be used without permission. For more details, please see the Legal page.

If you have any trouble with any part of this blog, please let me know.


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