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Making my first game – Part 1: Conceptualizing

After a year of diligent self-learning I felt more confident around Unity and became relaxed when writing my own code. I always tried to perform coding challenges in tutorials. Very often I managed to write working code which matched the specifications set by the tutors. At the same time the code was quite different from what the tutors wrote themselves. Not to say it was better, but it was fun to compare my solutions to those of more experienced coders. Conceptualizing my game I have just finished a tutorial for a simple 2D tower defense game (parts of which I have...


My favourite game mechanics, features and philosophies

Gaming, as any hobby, seems to be governed by the same rules as other forms of human behavior. We form habits based on the patterns we enjoy and we push away aspects that we perceive as annoying. As a child of the 80’s and a teen during the 90’s I was exposed to games and activities that were less casual. Any success required certain level of dedication from the player. While today everyone seems to be enjoying games in their many diverse forms, back then pretty much every game was on the hardcore side. By the mid 90’s most people...


Games that made me

I am a firm believer in incidental learning, which in simple terms means learning new things in an unplanned manner. This is a topic experts debate in the educational community. However, I believe it also has some bearing on other aspects of life. The way we develop our habits and hobbies may also be quite incidental. It is based not only on our conscious choices, but also on different circumstances and key experiences. Even though my current taste in games is determined by the games and experiences I enjoyed in the past, I cannot say that I have, for the...

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